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Central heating cooker 35kW

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Nominal heat output: 35 kW
Dimensions (W x D x H): 100 x 78 x 85cm
Flue gases exhaust: Ø 150mm


Cooking, baking, water or whole house heating – C-35 central heating cookers fired by solid fuels. They’re constructed just like the smaller C-20 or C-30 models, but include an additional oven for creating a charming impression like classical kitchen cooker used to. At the other hand, such a cooker is functional and heats the whole living area with its central heating system.

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Instruction manual

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Additional information

Nominal heat output

35 kW

- boiler

21 kW

- room

14 kW

Amount of water in boiler

28 L


270 kg

Cooking plate (WxD)

86×57 cm

Oven dimensions (WxDxH)

36x60x26 cm

Primary air intake

8×15 cm

- OR a reduction to a pipe with diameter

Ø 120 mm

Required flue draught

16 Pa


80 %

Air regulation - primary


Air regulation - secundary


Boiler protection

prepared for boiler overheating thermal protection

Firebox grate – movable


Firebox door

fireproof glass

Manufactured according to the following CE standard

EN 12815


Inox mat, PC-2, PC-3, PC-7

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