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Central heating cooker with glass coating 25kW

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Nominal heat output: 25 kW
Dimensions (W x D x H): 140x68x85/126 cm
Flue gases exhaust: Ø 150 mm


A special manufactured cooker that looks like old brick kitchen cookers. Such cookers had large ovens for delicious meals and were a source of quality heating. In those ovens, one could prepare more meals at once. We tried to establish the same feeling and taste of traditional meals for our own product. We included all the possible knowledge of old school brick kitchen cooker craftsmen. Exterior plates can consist of ceramic tiles or tempered glass in different colours. All mentioned components, types, colours and cooker dimensions can be adjusted to specific need and wishes of our customers.

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Instruction manual

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Additional information

Nominal heat output

25 kW

- boiler

16 kW

- room

9 kW

Amount of water in boiler

20 L


450 kg

Cooking plate (WxD)

60×47 cm

Oven dimensions (WxDxH)

33x44x22 cm

Primary air intake

8×15 cm

- OR a reduction to a pipe with diameter

Ø 120 mm

Required flue draught

12 Pa


75 %

Air regulation - primary


Air regulation - secundary


Boiler protection

prepared for boiler overheating thermal protection

Firebox grate – movable


Firebox door

fireproof glass

Manufactured according to the following CE standard

EN 12815

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